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Wapsi C.D.C.

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C.D.C. is an abbreviation of the French term “Cul De Canard” which roughly translated means “from the rump” or “butt of the duck”. 

The feathers surrounding the preen gland are of great value to fly tyers wanting to add buoyancy to their flies.

These small feathers are ideal for use in midge patterns, small dry flies, spinners, and emergers.

C.D.C. feathers packed in bulk are great for all-around use and can be used as wing material, collars on soft hackle flies, or even as dubbing.

C.D.C. is such a popular material that Wapsi offer it in 27 colors!  Although the flies above are primarily floating flies C.D.C. works great on sinking flies too.  Don’t limit its uses based solely on its flotation properties.

If C.D.C. isn’t a fly tying staple at your fly tying desk you are missing out on one of the truly great materials for fly tying.   Give it a try – it might just help you come up with a new “secret” fly pattern.

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